Interested Garden Leaders

Your Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) community garden has a unique opportunity to partner with us!

• Each participating community garden would reserve 2-6 plots for the study.

• These plots will be reserved for people who have signed up for the study.

• No special conditions will be needed for study participants; they will be expected to follow all the rules of the garden.

Participating Community Gardens will receive:

• $50 in your DUG garden account for every plot reserved for the study (up to $300 for 6 plots!)

• Participant plot fees will be paid by the study.

• Support in recruiting new gardeners for the study and to fill plots in your garden.

• Grow a Garden and DUG will have a gardening workshops available to gardeners.

• Increased neighborhood engagement and awareness through project-specific outreach.

Study Participant Recruitment

• Participants need to be 18 years of age or older and have not gardened for the past 2 years.

• If you have a waitlist, we will contact people on your list to invite them to participate in the study.


• Our team will recruit participants from the surrounding neighborhood for you and your garden!


If your community garden is interested in getting involved, please CLICK HERE to contact us.

If you are an individual interested in being a participant in our study, please see our Interested Participants page for eligibility requirements.

For community gardening resources, visit the Denver Urban Gardens webpage at